A Staycay with VacayStyle!

A beautiful 70 + degree day out on the bay near the tidelands in this oh so versatile Fiji maxi from vacaystyle.com. Sometimes the best vacay is when you’re meeting with old friends who you haven’t seen in a while and turns into a Staycay around the bay. If you’re like me and you love getting dressed each day and accessorizing, you’re meeting with friends you haven’t seen in a while and you have a place picked out to meet and have lunch-here’s some tips on how to get yourself together:
1. Pick your outfit out the night before. That way you can pop up in the morning and relax a bit without the stress of what to wear. I opted for this versatile Fiji maxi skirt and halter top, that I can literally mix and match several different ways. (I can pair the skirt with a tank, a tee shirt, a sweater or a sweatshirt and add a belt. I can pair the halter top with a pair of jeans, shorts a skirt and a variety of different shoes and sandals-seriously amazing, right?) Just one of the many reasons the Vacay Style is a perfect place to shop if your heading out of town-(less packing-eeeeeeeek, yes!!) or if you’re simply staying in town but want some fun pieces that will pair well with many pieces you already have hanging in your closet!

2. Pick your accessories. Lay them out with your outfit. With this look, I paired this beautiful Pegasus necklace, and the candy wrap bracelet from stelladot.com and the gold leaf hinged bracelet from Chloe+Isabel which you can purchase through theeverythinggirl.com I also decided to go with this vintage straw bag, that was my great grandmothers from the 50’s and a fun straw hat.

3. Prep your locks. Before I go out, the night before, I wash my hair and leave a hydrating overnight conditioning mask, like the night repair from S factor. That way in the morning my hair is prepped and ready to go for the use of a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. For this outing I sprayed some salt spray from Tigi and did some beachy waves-exactly the look I was going for and perfect for summer. 

It turned out to be a beautiful day watching wind surfers and hang gliders and having a picnic on the beach along the bay trail. 

Thank you to Elizabeth from Vacaystyle.com for the lovely handwritten note-I love those simple but special sentiments. It means a lot when people take time out of there day and busy schedules to say thank you! 

xo, Valerie


A True Style Icon: Oscar de la Renta

At the DeYoung museum in San Francisco, there was an exhibit every fashion addict needs-“must” see! It was called,Oscar de la Renta-The Retrospective. It reminds me of a quote by this iconic designer, “things never happen on accident, they happen because you have a vision, a dream.” I understood that more as I walked through the exhibit and stood there in awe of his vision and his works of art-it was breathtaking!


As I continued to walk through the exhibit and listen to the earphones of his journey. It wasn’t just “a dress”. It was picturesque, the details, the fabric, the embellishments, the vision, the sketch work and the end result-magnific!! 

This dress was the most beautiful piece to me-the tulle overlay with rouching, the sweet bow on top! Everything about this dressed screamed, “play dress up”! And boy would I have loved that if there weren’t so much security around-ha! In a museum filled with with beautiful dresses it was hard to pick just one that was my favorite because each one was so much more! 

Towards the end of the tour, I entered the celebrity room or at least that’s what I’m calling it! It was filled with amazing gowns worn by celebrities such as my personal favorite Sarah Jessica Parker, Any Adams, and Rhianna to name a few. I can only imagine how these ladies must of felt wearing such a grandiose gown! 

I had to make sure to get a pic of Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress, because hers is the only dress that has ever had the designers name on s gown like that-so special and what an honor and a privilege.

Even the Caftans were simply exquisite, with the beautiful detailing, embellishments and trim. Each stood out in there own unique elegant way, the next better than the last if that’s even possible.  

 There was a tribute book at the end  of the museum tour that depict just what kind of designer Oscar de la Renta truly was-an artist in his own right, an icon, someone to aspire to.
The gift shop beamed with collections of all things Oscar. Again, elegant and rich in colors and patterns.

For someone like me who lives for fashion, I was completely gob smacked with these extraordinary gowns and displays-I felt inspired and dreamy all at the same time after walking through and reading all the information, soaking it up and hanging on every word. To me this was a thrilling experience and one I’ll remember forever-imagine how I’d feel at fashion week-he he. It all starts with a single vision in a world of possibilities-xo, Valerie

Mom Prom 80’s Style

OK, don’t laugh! This is how I describe Mom’s at school when they go to auction, I call it, “Mom Prom”. Why you ask? Because they have to find the perfect outfit for the event, they get their hair styled for the occasion,  and lastly they get their make up done to fit the “look” of who they’re going as!

The “look” is totally where I come in! I thrive on finding these women the right style of who they want to be transformed into. Starting with this lovely, who wanted to go as Stevie Nicks! I researched looks on Pinterest and Google and she had some thoughts of her own and brought this fantastic vintage top hat that was her fathers-priceless! I knew this outfit had to be built around this hat, which was just to good not to use! So I had this great black jumpsuit, that we layered with a fringed poncho and added an additional fringed shawl for a more dramatic affect. Paired with a knee high boot and some identical jewelry to the era-she was ready for hair! I crimped (yes-you heard me right) and curled many different sections throughout her hair and added the top hat with s vintage brooch that literally was the icing on the cake!

Moving in to two other lovelies who just wanted to look the 80’s role with the fluorescents to gloves to leg warmers! It was just fun to be creative and find a look that suited each of them! With one doll- she had her own vintage 80’s t-shirt she wanted to use and Ruth the other doll it was all about personality! When it came to hair, one did her own and the other one I did with the crimper(which totally became my favorite tool of choice that day)! Here’s what the final outcome was:

Then we had some Madonna lovers who were totally ready to get grunge glam! With one doll she was the edgier like a prayer Madonna and the other doll was more like a virgin! Needless to say Madonna was the perfect 80’s choice and there were many-but my girls stood out with the jewelry, lace gloves and outfits and hair! 

Needless to say….while the music played that funky beat, and they fought for the right to par-tay, girls just want to have fun!! 

xx, Valerie

I Have Enough Jewelry-Said No one Ever….

What’s not to love about pairing the perfect necklace, bracelet, ring or other bling with your outfit each day? I must say, one of my hi lights in the morning is to go accessory hunting through my jewelry to see what I’m going to wear that day! And sometimes, I even change it up mid day-love to keep people guessing and intrigued! 

Today, I was pleasantly surprised when the mailman brought me this sweet little box-my first month of Rocksbox! It’s like a little piece of heaven personalized just for me! I opened the box and was greeted with a note to “yours truly” from my jewelry stylist! Explaining what I got and what was included from my wish list-YES!!! 

As I read through the note and the additional notecards included welcoming me and telling me about my shine insider benefits, I became more excited to see what was in my “special” box curated just for me!! Are you ready for the unveiling? 

I know-pretty exciting, right? Well this is what Kimberly sent me…a Sophie Harper gold pave ring, a beautiful Kendra Scott Rayne necklace in green-which were both on my wish list! Lastly she picked this delicate gold Elena cuff from Gorjana which I can pair beautifully with my Chloe+Isabel jewels that you know I love and wear daily!! The coolest part is, I can trade any of my jewels in at anytime to get a new set of something fun jewels or I can purchase them-how cool is that? 

So needless to say-I’m kind of excited about some new Rocksbox in my life to add to my everyday Chloe+Isabel staples and some to die for outfits!! xo

Closet Envy

Who doesn’t want a closet of their dreams? The kind you can walk into, lay down on your chaise lounge and glance around at the stunning ambiance, while the iridescence of the lights glow down upon your clothes, shoes and handbags…

Ok, snap out of it and come back to reality. As you may not have the closet of your dreams, you can certainly have a well organized, fabulous place to hold all the things in life that matter most-clothes (ha ha) oh and jewelry too.


 It’s wonderful to hang your tops, pants, jackets, etc to see what you have, and if you have everything color coordinated you’ll know just where to go to get that pink sweater or that chic plaid blanket wrap.Being able to see what you have hanging in your closet, makes it that much easier to plan your outfits from day to day.

I also found these great little crate boxes at a local consignment shop. They are the perfect place to store your jewelry-especially with the compartments that are suprisingly removable. And for $10.00 each, you buy them all!

I also used these fabric, velvet lined stackable boxes for even more jewelry storage so you can quickly find smaller necklaces and bracelets.

It’s always a good idea, to use dress forms of any kind to layer necklaces on or to hang bracelets on, like this last one I found from creative co-op on Amazon for $34.99. A total must have in my book. When you see your jewelry it’s easily accessible to pair with your outfit.

 For me- I personally love anything vintage. I use vintage mirrored trays, a vintage brush and mirror from the 20’s, little dishes for rings and things and vintage trinket boxes for earrings and such. Another favorite to scour flea markets and estate sales for is vintage jewelry boxes. Each one is special and so unique and they add charm to any wardrobe table or vanity or shelf! Every vintage piece you bring into your life tells a story, and that story continues when you bring it home.

xoxo, Valerie

The Jewelry Distressed Damsel

I was more than happy to have a 2 hour session organizing the seriously jewelry distressed damsel. I started out by taking a few minutes to see what her goals were and what she wanted to accomplish in this session. We worked on purging pieces that were no longer desirable as well as pulling some pieces from her collection that she wanted to keep but wouldn’t be wearing on a daily basis. We also talked about how to separate her jewelry into sections that were easily accessible. Now it was time to get started….


Picture this or just look above at the pictures of what I saw when I entered the bedroom where I’d be working. I walked into a dresser full of jewelry tangled and scattered, accompanied with lint rollers, scissors and other various bobbles. The Jewelry dress form hanger was filled with headbands and all the jewelry was mixed and messed up inside the drawers as if a mini hurricane hit but only in that designated area!!


Now let the fun begin…I emptied both drawers that were filled, cleared the top of the dresser so I could start with a clean palette-it looked better already.  Then it was time to go through and start separating. Meaning, out with the old and outdated never to be worn again pieces that some of them I marveled over as to why they were in her collection to begin with-he he 🙂  (she honestly has impeccable taste) Then I used a box to put pieces in that had a story and were treasured but weren’t going to be worn in the near future.

As I was going through the countless (trying to use my, “kind words”) unorganized boxes of baubles, I came across clumps of jewelry that were unlovingly intertwined together. I realized that the delicate pieces were mixed in with statement pieces and not in a good way. This was a big no no! I made sure to untangle all the jewelry that was clumped and then separated all those sweet little delicates from the larger pieces. I had a lovely little Frenchie named Lulu who was my constant companion through this process ,snorting  her way through this session making me giggle. You can tell by her face, she was overwhelmed and unimpressed, the poor thing, but still a great helper.-ha ha!


She had cute little baking pans for rings, she saved Kate Spade boxes, french boxes, plastic containers, jewelry cases, jewelry dishes etc. All perfect for organizing all these jewels in all the right places. I also made a memento box with little notes, match boxes and little bits and bobbles that she wanted to save that told a story. In the plastic container, I was able to add most of the bracelets, what I couldn’t fit in there, I used this vintage tin to house the bigger vintage elastic bracelets that was, “oh so perfect”. Delicates got hung where the headbands use to be and in the big jewelry box that sits upon the top of the dresser. Some vintage necklaces got boxed and hung on the flip side of the delicates. All statement necklaces were able to go in one box where they are now easy to get to and won’t get all tangled up-Yay!


Lastly, it was time to style the top of the dresser-my favorite part! Once the jewelry box was put back together with the good stuff all tucked away. It was placed on the dresser back next to the lamp.  The dress form jewelry hanger was now holding delicates and vintage pieces and easily accessible to put on and put away. We added a sweet vintage mirror on top of the jewelry box that was her Grandmothers and a vintage lipstick holder. Lastly, the little heart shaped dish held some loose charms as decoration and a handful of memories.

Finishing touches before we close up those drawers….

And where to house some of those initial necklaces?? On her vintage dress form in the corner of her bedroom-it was the perfect place to add a little charm to what already was simply breath taking. I have to say this was 2 hours well spent with great company, lots of laughs and many accomplishments!! xoxo


Everyday Style

  • Putting an outfit together each day for me is like winning the lottery for some! It’s the excitement of what I’m going to pick out and how I’m going to style it from shoes to jewels to tops to coats-oh my!
  • If you don’t yet-you must invest in a pair of distressed jeans with some sort of cuff (I prefer a big cuff, it tends to elongate the legs, mine are by Hudson). Not only is it on trend, but these jeans look amazing with everything from a sweatshirt to white button down shirt to a tee with a blazer.
  • I decided to pair my jeans with “my best” coat purchase this fall from Banana Republic. This camel colored wool double breasted coat has definitely been a go to piece for me. Not only does the neutral color go with everything, it compliments jeans, skirts and a great pair of leggings like black faux leather. Underneath the coat, today I’m wearing this sheer lace patterned Lucky top that I found for a steal on sale for $24.99-love and it’s a good change out from a plain black tee and perfect for transitioning into the warmer weather of Spring.
  • Now let’s talk about that necklace. I literally walked into Banana Rebublic and my heart skipped a beat-about 5 minutes later, it was mine and I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Kinda the same way I feel about my Chloe+Isabel bracelets that give me that amazing arm party! Everybody needs wrap bracelets in their life, they easily stack well with other bracelets and are a great conversation piece.
  • No outfit is complete without the perfect bag. I personally like oversized bags to fit all life’s necessities in. This brown Tory Burch bag has been my go to bag lately. The color and size pairs well with most outfits and I can keep a clutch inside to take out when needed-so I’m not having to lug a big bag around all the time.

The Organized Closet

When you’re trying to organize your closets and drawers, etc. There is a certain way and some great tips that will totally help you out! We are going to explore the 4 areas of an Organized Closet!

So where to start.. let’s start with what you will put into the Drawers…

-socks, either lay your socks on top of each other or roll them and place them in rows so you can see them and grab them easily

-undergarments, these delicates can be stacked on top of one another if your drawers are deep, if not place them sideways like a filing system according to everyday to dressy and always color code for easy accessibility

-sunglasses, can be placed in cases or in rows (I personally wrap mine in scarves and put them in my drawer so they don’t get scratched because the cases tend to be large and bulky and take up too much room

-jewelry, with jewelry you can definitely use your imagination which my next blog will be all about-so stay tuned!!!

-parfume, I always love using old trays or mirrored pieces to put my jewelry on in a cluster on top of the dresser so you don’t have to go fumbling through drawers to find it

4 areas of Organized Closets


I always go for pretty over practical and look for large hooks that are decorative so you can hang belts, necklaces, scarves and possibly hangers with your daily looks on them so you can easily pick them up, when getting ready.

closet hooks

Hanging Areas:

I’m sure you mostly know what you can hang in your closet depending on space, but here are the KEY pieces that should be hung. Starting with dress pants, jeans-(some people like to hang their jeans, I choose to keep mine folded in my armoire where they are neatly stacked and at my finger tips) , dresses, jackets/blazers, blouses, shirts, suits and coats. I like to color coordinate everything to make it easier for me to pull for my outfit. I also love putting things in order of seasons, so I know exactly where to go to find what I’m looking for. Again depending on space you can also keep t-shirts on either shelves or in drawers neatly and color coded.

hanging closet

Shelving Area’s:

Lastly, we have the shelves which I look at as a blank canvas! I love figuring out how I can display some of my pieces from my wardrobe. Pieces that I love to look at when I walk into my closet, it stands out and is something I see right away. It’s a great place to display your shoes (all kinds), sweaters and knit items, work out gear, t-shirts, hats, purses, maybe some memorabilia and other odds and ends. I love having hand bags lined up and then maybe have a fun trinket at the end of a row like a book end. It gives it more of a boutique look and is totally functional. I love using bins, baskets or some fun kind of compartment to put items like hats and scarves in. So that way you pull them out and it all stays nice and neat and easy to get to. Old suitcases make a great place to keep memorabilia or some seasonal pieces that you can easily store away. Out of site out of mind until you need them.


xoxo, Valerie


Full of Heart..

The moment I think of Valentine’s Day, I get all giddy like a little school girl! I think back to those candy graham days and the little exchanges of paper hearts and think how sweet it was!


Now that I’m not so much of kid anymore, and I know the Hallmark Holiday is more about flowers and candy and night out with the hubs, I still feel that glimmer of excitement.

So where do you start?  I start with picking the perfect date night outfit! Which begins with something pink or red, sparkly or heart print. This year, I found this gorgeous heart print peplum blouse by BCBG which was an, OMG moment where I stopped-saw it hanging in the window and knew it was calling my name! It did and that’s why it’s mine now-:) so picture this amazing blouse that is the standout piece in this outfit with a great pair of distressed jeans (so on trend and a must run out to the store and must have now) to pair with these hot pink heels from BCBG-but don’t forget to cuff your jeans, I’m telling you it’s all about the look and the styling and  you’ve got to show those heels off!  

Now we need to accessorize, oooohhhhh another favorite part of mine! Being that this peplum top has a low neckline, I’m going to pair it with this jaw dropping Aventine convertible statement necklace ( $148 can be purchased here http://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/valeriegartner ) and I’m going to brighten that lip up with beet lipliner and relentlessly red matte lipstick for the perfect pouty lip. (both from Mac). Don’t forget the arm party! I will pair the Aventine fringe bracelet ($34 from Chloe+Isabel) along with old Hollywood glam stretchy bracelet (sadly retired :() and on my other wrist the gold pink faced Kate Spade watch-umm to die for!


To top off This style, I found this lovely red Tory Burch cross body bag in this beautiful orangey red to keep all your goodies in-the great thing about this is you can tuck the strap in and use it as a clutch-score! Two bags in one! Some  beachy waves in the hair and you are ready to stun!!

 xo- Valerie


  Now when you think of labels you automatically assume designer labels, right? Well not this time! As much as I love a good designer label-especially Chanel that’s not where this story begins or ends. So let’s begin….
  Being that I’m the Everything girl and live for styling and those closet therapy sessions, and I do! Sometimes I sit and wonder what do people think of me, how do they Label me…especially because I’m great with my clients, but in a huge social setting, that’s a whole other level. I think I’m the total cliche of, “laugh like no one is listening, sing as if no one can hear, and dance as if no one is watching.” Most people don’t take the time to think what if someone’s watching because they either don’t think about it or just don’t care-I really wish that could be me. Instead, here I stand the outgoing introvert, the girl who worries what people think as she stands quietly instead of going to join the, “big picture.” I’m just a girl who knows her job and does it better than the best of her ability, a girl who listens and understands and oozes patience, a girl who still at this age needs to overcome her shy, awkward self and and a girl who leaves a little trail of glitter in her path as she travels through life. xo, Valerie